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Freedom from religious manipulation

I came across a very interesting article “How to control people“. Isn’t that what pastors do all the time? I must say pastors are quite good at controlling and manipulating people as I wasn’t even aware of it most of the time when I was attending church services in the past. There were a few times I felt or thought they were kinda controlling and I told myself maybe I was being overly sensitive. Upon looking back though, I think pastors are conditioned to use these tactics to control and manipulate the congregation because they want to keep people co-dependent on them.

Yes, like what the article noted, most of the time they are using the subtle art of controlling people without them knowing it – hence, we see supposedly highly educated high fliers like doctors, lawyers and business people coming back sunday after sunday to listen to the pastors and give their offerings to the institutional church. Nowadays, I am learning not to buy into the pastors’ words anymore. And yes, those pastors who use the name of God to threaten people to tithe or get their lives right, etc, only look silly to me.

On another note, I remember that at the last care group meeting, I was present during the worship session, and I decided not to sing the hymn “There is a fountain” while others were singing it because I don’t agree with the lyrics anymore. So when they were singing “And there may I, though vile as he, wash all my sins away”, I kept silent and was thinking to myself, “No way. I don’t need the blood sacrifice. And no, I was not vile. I was created beautiful and perfect. Nope, I won’t sing this song.” In the middle of the song, someone shouted “Hallelujah, hallelujah.” I just smiled to myself. Maybe two years ago, I might feel like chipping in with “Praise the Lord.” But nowadays, no, my mindset has changed.

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