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Our origin, perception and existence

I was reading this article “Where did the universe come from?” just now that explores the origin of the universe from a biocentric point of view. The writer proposed that there is no absolute beginning or end for the universe – it is self-existing, just as we and all other living things are also self-existing. He concluded that “we are the origin… time and space don’t exist without us”. I thought that is an interesting food for thought.

“There is no invisible matrix out there that explains our origin. Rather, for each life there is a universe, its own universe. According to biocentrism, each of us generates our own sphere of reality. We carry space and time around us like turtles with shells. The Universe is comprised of billions of spheres of reality, a mélange whose scope is breathtaking.

Think of the universe like one of those globes you see in the classroom – it’s merely a tool that represents everything that’s theoretically possible to experience. But like a CD, the music only leaps into reality when you play one of the songs. Instead of the Universe having an absolute beginning, imagine, instead, that existence is like a recording. Depending on where the needle is placed you hear a certain song. This is the present; the music, before and after is the past and future. All songs exist simultaneously, although we only experience them piece by piece.” – Robert Lanza

I find this part of the article intriguing too:

“Nothing,” said John Wheeler, the great physicist “exists until it is observed.”

It reminds me of a classic philosophical question that I came across some time ago: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

According to some scientists, the answer is yes, it makes a sound, because we learn about sound waves that are caused by vibrations in the air when an object makes an impact. But according to other scientists, the answer is no, because “sound is the sensation excited in the ear when the air or other medium is set in motion…. If there be no ears to hear, there will be no sound.”

I think this illustration goes to show that something only becomes real when a person perceives or experiences or is aware of it in one’s consciousness. If a person is not aware of something (whether it is an object or an event), it is as good as non-existent to that person. As the saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind”.

Similarly, the stars, planets, and countless other things have been existing in the universe, and it is only recently that science has developed the technology, such as powerful telescopes, to see them. Before the invention of technology, humans in the past were not aware of their existence and assumed they did not exist. Now with the aid of technology, humans can see them and therefore become conscious of their presence, and acknowledge their existence.

Hence, my conclusion for now is that we (you, me and the rest of the universe) are all along self-existing. We all need not wait until science and technology develop more powerful devices or machines to make us aware of our self-existing nature.

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