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Paganism promotes respect for Nature and women

Come to think of it, paganism as an ancient belief system can be considered more evolved than the Abrahamic religions, because it is founded on egalitarianism and respect for Nature. I tend to subscribe to their belief that God is present everywhere, including Nature itself.
“nature-based”: Pagan religions have a concept of the divinity of Nature, which they view as a manifestation of the divine, not as the “fallen” creation found in Dualistic cosmology.
“sacred feminine”: Pagan religions recognize “the female divine principle”, identified as “the Goddess” (as opposed to individual goddesses) besides or in place of the male divine principle as expressed in the Abrahamic God.

And yes, paganism teaches people to respect women and see them as equal as well, which is good. I think it’s interesting to learn more about paganism as we know that it has much influence on our modern society today. Indeed, we all can learn something from everyone because God is bigger than any theology or doctrine.

Women’s spirituality is one of the richest and most dynamic forces in modern Paganism. Women are respected in all Pagan traditions and have enriched Paganism with a powerful vision of the Goddess – the long-ignored feminine aspect of the Divine. In Paganism, women are Priestesses in their own right, strong and proud, with their own vision.

I think paganism can play an important role in our world today as the world is badly in need of healing in terms of environmental crisis and unfair treatment of women in many places. As the website says, “Women’s traditions have an especially powerful vision of the Earth as the Goddess and are deeply involved with caring for the Earth and protecting her from the rape of modern civilization. They are concerned with the healing of the Earth and with the healing of the image of women.” It is about time for women to reclaim their true identity as goddesses and let their spiritual light shine in imparting wisdom and healing, even as humanity is awakening to our oneness and interconnectedness with one another.

It reminds me of a similar article I came across in a blog recently about the power, beauty and divinity of women.
“The purpose of this post is to shed light on our power, our beauty, and our divinity. We are not vessels of sin. We are not unclean. We are not lesser. We are not cursed. We are not weak. We are the direct opposite of all of these things. Embrace YOU. Love YOU. Appreciate the divinity and uniqueness of divine womanhood. “



I am a beloved child of Divine Love/Great Spirit, and so are you. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. My main interests in life include Nature, music, spirituality, inspiration, philosophy, sports, reading and photography.

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