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Difference between Christ and Jesus

“There is a difference between inspiration and motivation. I believe understanding spirituality is all about inspiration because one recognizes that our true power and connection to All-That-Is is from within. Religion by its very nature puts God outside of us. Then it uses fear as a major motivator. One can only be controlled from a religious perspective and not inspired.


Those that came up with the Idea of Jesus knew exactly what it would do for the masses. The original idea and teachings of Christ was about inspiration. In history Christ is a concept of developing a type of consciousness from within. The idea of Jesus changed the focus to mimic an ideal outside of ones self. It is all about fear, motivation and control. History will teach us there is a major difference between Christ and Jesus. The former is inspiration, the latter is motivation.”


– Reginald Martin

(In response to “Inspiration comes from within; motivation comes from without“)



I am a beloved child of Divine Love/Great Spirit, and so are you. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. My main interests in life include Nature, music, spirituality, inspiration, philosophy, sports, reading and photography.

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