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A beautiful painting – Robert Rutherford

“A beautiful painting, always retains the same beauty…. no matter how many layers of paint are applied!
The original is still there!
The process of restoration is the removal of everything covering up the original. I watched a program where art restorers were uncovering a master-piece that had been painted over.
I saw the hand of Father…as I watched the pain-staking task of removing everything that was covering the original.
When you die… Every layer of flesh that has been brushed on you will be removed… and, the beautiful… Original work of art will be seen by all!
For MANY…..who are willing to yield to the process of restoration… this miracle happens, at different levels, while we live! It is painful to endure the stripping away of so many familiar layers that were applied by those who THOUGHT they knew how we should look, or be….. But, in the end…. we will fulfill our greatest purpose…. as our PERFECT, ORIGINAL canvas is unveiled! YOU…. my friend… are a work of ART!”

– Robert Rutherford




I am a beloved child of Divine Love/Great Spirit, and so are you. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. My main interests in life include Nature, music, spirituality, inspiration, philosophy, sports, reading and photography.

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