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A spiritual perspective of Revelation – Matthew Michaud

(Revelations 17:10) … five have fallen ….

[Eye’s, Ear’s, Touch, Smell, Taste] ………… (These 5 physical & outward are the illusion that have fallen into a dream like state)

Simply us (spirit) falling for the illusion of our co-creation as Elohim … We fell into a dream that we are the soul and body… The soul turned its back on the spirit, so the light that is true just hits the soul in its back… Therefore the soul thinks it is the spirit and also we fall into a lie that we are our created physical body’s… So at that point what we live of is those 5 senses…. That is the body being full of dark light…. Yet when the soul turns back to her husband (the spirit) he will receive his bride back and she will awake out of this dream… Then the 5 senses will not lead but rather follow…

From outside in to inside out… From natural to spiritual…… From who we thought we were ( false) to who we are (Christ)…. Love and light….

He rose not only in us, but as us …. We are the body/(s), as one body that he rose AS…. We are him – mystery revealed …..

IN earth as it is IN heaven (our spirit man within) has he risen and was,,, but in the realm of (time/space) being revEALED …. Yes his return as us (the clouds of witnesses) he is currently riding/returning on… Are US … As I (Jesus) am so are you in this world -or- in this earth/dirt suit….

Each in his own time none better than the other …. I am you and you are me the fullness of the Godhead bodily but not without everyman…. love and mad light this year (2012)…

am yet to master discipline which is “disciple”…. But revelation is what we are getting even before… That is the order…

Don’t be dis – encouraged friends, the fruits will grow out of the seeds …. This is where patience is formed AS US …. I know how intensely hard this is because I am experiencing it myself… Lets be open and honest as we fail along the way !

I desire us who have first gotten this revy to be honest with each other … (Organic) ,,,, letting each other know we are still struggling with our issues… This I believe is what will heal us from the illusion that we are behind or less than … This love thing is a total murder of the mind/ego who wants to say; Hey, I have revy + I am there…. What a liar he is …. We have received yet who is there? Not me…. I need you,,,, I am struggling when I hide my faults because I need for you to see me higher than you … Truth is I am no higher than the one’s asleep until they all awake… We need to stay in love with each other deeply… I feel so deeply that this movement can fall into the same religion we detest if we don’t humble so greatly and deny this devil/mind and love with only the heart…

I believe we (our spirit/love) has never sinned… But I am not saying I am right and you are wrong… I just think the us that sinned is the person we thought we were and when we wake we are love who has never sinned “the image” …”

         – Matthew Michaud


I am a beloved child of Divine Love/Great Spirit, and so are you. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. My main interests in life include Nature, music, spirituality, inspiration, philosophy, sports, reading and photography.

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