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Some thoughts on “The Hunger Games”

I have only watched some preview scenes of the movie “The Hunger Games” in Youtube, besides the official trailer. At first, I thought the movie sounded cool, as there was much talk about the great acting performances, which I came across when I was doing research for the movie review for my magazine project, hence… Continue reading Some thoughts on “The Hunger Games”

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Twin Flame Mantra~by Liora

Video commentary: “We are One” track off Liora’s cd “Twin Flame Divine Love”. ~~~~~ Sacred Sound~Activating Meditation by Liora. Liora’s Sacred Harmonic Chant~Sacred Sound Alchemy of ~activating meditation for your Twin Flame Heart of higher consciousness for the Sacred Twin Flame Reunion . Liora is available for Soul Reading and Sound Healings…..visit the website for the download of her Teachings