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When we are in the moment, fear disappears

I think Ralph Smart has presented a holistic view of death, taking into account the duality of life and death, and how death is viewed differently in different cultures and societies, such as Africa and West Indies. It is good to be reminded that energy can’t be destroyed and it can only be transferred or transformed. Like what he said, there is no separation between life and death, which are essential parts of duality. It is a transition (like what Carlton Pearson shared too), and death is humanity’s shadow, to be embraced. Yes, on a deeper level, there is no beginning and no end, since the concept of time is a man-made invention. Death serves to remind us that life on earth is transient. Life is fragile and sacred, yet we are limitless beings because we are co-creators, and so we can ignore society’s programming and choose to live as long as we want. For example, Brian Boyle in his book “Iron Heart” chose to live and managed to recover from the accident and continued to live his life to the full and fulfill his dreams.

So yes, in summary, death is the shadow which we need not be afraid of. Like what Ralph Smart says, the universe uses everything in it, including us, and we will be transformed into something else through death. This is true from an ecological point of view. And yes, sometimes, silence is the best way to understand the mysteries of life because it speaks volumes and transcends the limitations of words.

I also like what he says about Nature being in a constant state of creation, where there is essentially no death, except transformation and immortality. We are constantly undergoing metamorphosis, like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Finally, while we are here, it’s about living in the moment. It’s only when we are in the past or future, there is fear of death, which is only an illusion, since there is only immortality. So yes, when we are in the moment, fear disappears. The past is history, the future is mystery, and the present is the only reality that matters, where life, immortality and eternity is, the I Am.



I am a beloved child of Divine Love/Great Spirit, and so are you. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. My main interests in life include Nature, music, spirituality, inspiration, philosophy, sports, reading and photography.

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