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Waking Life (full length movie)

“We are so used to thinking of things external to us. When, we do this we begin to feel like a victim. This keeps the victim-victimizer game going. We have been both. It is some times painful to look within and see self. Many say you need to get rid of your ego. If you do that you are no longer able to see what needs healed. If you repress your thoughts or feelings then this energy turns in and causes illness and all kinds of problems. When, you are able to see it and not judge it but send love to it the energy is no longer stored in and can flow out in a healthy manner. What, is on the outside of you is a reflection of you. When, you heal what you see needs it, you will stop the victim-victimizer game, you will know we are all in the same boat. We are all each responsible for our own creation in our hologram. Also, makes it easy to love each other. We are all one, but individuated Faces of God Source. So, we make our experience here”. – Marlene Fow

Yes, like what Marlene Fow says, we are all in the same boat and we are all responsible for creating our own universe holograms, so in reality there is no victimiser or victim, but rather we are here to awaken to our true self and innate power to create our own reality, as individuated faces of god. It becomes easy to love one another because we all see our reflection in one another – when we love others, we are loving ourselves, and when we love ourselves, we are loving others too. When one suffers, the rest suffer too because we are all interconnected. Similarly, when one part of the body does well, the rest of the body benefits and rejoices too.

“Each of us has the power and responsibility to heal ourselves, to be
our own medicine man or woman. Awakening our innate powers of being,
loving, knowing, seeing, and healing involves ongoing work at all
levels and in all dimensions of our self. Exploring the range of
rhythms and emotions, achieving insights into our conditioning and
ego, moving through the energy levels of spirit—these are all
activities to be integrated into our daily lives.”
~Gabrielle Roth from Maps to Ecstacy: A Healing Journey for the Untamed Spirit~

Waking Life (Movie)

I find this movie sublime, thought-provoking and illuminating, and much of it resonates with me. I like the thoughtful musings and analogies presented in the movie by different characters. Some of the characters remind me of great thinkers and outspoken freedom fighters that I have been learning from, such as Rob Bell, Ralph Smart and Charlie Veitch.

I like the beginning part of the movie where the driver talked about how his life and personality is like his car, and how he was going with the flow and looking at life from his car’s windows, so to speak. Then another character shared about how language is a communication tool and a means to an end, and connecting with people is almost like a spiritual communion – “and the feeling might be transient, but I think it’s what we live for”.

Then a professor was sharing with his class about existentialism, and how instead of creating depression, it actually gives a sense of empowerment, knowing we have the power to create our own destiny/reality. After that in another scene, another character shared about his vision of the neo-human type evolution of a new consciousness in the 21st century, in which we live today, whereby we see more of the human traits coming forth – truth, loyalty, justice, freedom manifesting through this new consciousness of humanity. Yes, more and more, we will no longer be content to be passive observers but be actively awakening ourselves and others to be free from corporate slavery and dehumanisation in this age of enlightenment. We are evolving constantly as humans, just like the cells in our body completely regenerate every seven years.

Like what another character in the movie shared, we are here to awaken and become more lucid and have control over our consciousness and thereby our lives, to awake from our dream state and realise we were dreaming, just as we can be conscious of our consciousness. The character talked about 360 (degrees) vision in which we can see in all directions. I suppose that’s where Ralph Smart gets his terminology from when he talked about 360 degrees/senses, the empowered human in his video series.

And then, another character shared an interesting perspective about how cinema is a reproduction of reality, as a storytelling medium, and how each frame can be seen as a holy moment. Yes, every moment in our life is a holy moment, in which we can become aware of the present moment, and know that we are holy/whole. “Be still and know I Am (whole/holy).”



I am a beloved child of Divine Love/Great Spirit, and so are you. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. My main interests in life include Nature, music, spirituality, inspiration, philosophy, sports, reading and photography.

3 thoughts on “Waking Life (full length movie)

  1. First paragraph or quote from Marlene Fow on website…try again. It is not about healing the “outside”…it is about healing the inside. Limiting the ego is not represion it is evolutionary.

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