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Can we see things more clearly than the writers of the bible?

Is it POSSIBLE that we have risen to a state on enlightenment that has allowed us to see things more clearly than the writers of the BIBLE??? Before you answer this question, answer these.
Would you own a slave?
Would you disrespect a woman?
Would you tell a woman to “shut up” in church?
Would you treat a woman like property?
Would you beat your child with a wooden shepherd’s rod?
Would you, intentionally, set out to bruise your child?
Would you ask the neighbors to help you KILL your rebel-child?
Would you kill someone for working on Sunday?
Would you sell your daughter to a rapist after he raped her?
Would you forbid a midget from attending services at your church?
A bald man? A woman on her period? A sick person?
Would you ostracize someone because of their sexual orientation?
Would you pray and ask God to break out your enemy’s teeth?
Would you kill a baby because it wasn’t from your tribe?
Would you disown your child because a priest told you to?
Shall I continue? Or, would you like to admit that YOU are MORE enlightened, in some areas at least, than Peter, Paul, Moses, David, Solomon and the others???
Love the book, read the book, study the book, honor the book…..
BUT, it is time to stop WORSHIPING a BOOK, don’t you think???

~ “In Light me” by Robert Rutherford

Yes, it’s entirely possible that we have evolved collectively since the bible times, which allows us to see more clearly than the writers of the bible, and in fact, also more clearly than our forefathers as recent as several decades ago who had tried to use the bible to justify slavery, genocide, patriarchy, world war one and two, and so on. Within our generations, we have seen one revolution after another, as people rise up to challenge oppression of minorities and women, and champion peace and inter-generational justice for all. These include the peace movement, women’s liberation, civil rights movement, occupy movements, environmental consciousness, and so on.

Also, while Jesus may have been a mythological character, he may well be an archetype of an enlightened being who represents the new humanity, who is our true identity. He challenged the oppressors and perpetrators of his times, setting the oppressed free, lifting up women and championing freedom of speech, freeing people from heavy burdens and condemnation of the law mindset of the society, challenged the sabbath laws, and ministered life and healing wherever there had been death and sickness. Jesus said to his disciples that greater works they would do than him, and it could well be also referring to the future generations – our generations and beyond – when we would have risen to a state on enlightenment in our collective evolution that revolutionises our thinking and rises above the archaic traditions and practices of people living in bible times. Yes, it is time for people, especially in the religious circles, to stop worshipping the bible as we continue to progress in becoming more human and humane and realising our oneness and interconnectedness with divine love and with one another.



I am a beloved child of Divine Love/Great Spirit, and so are you. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. My main interests in life include Nature, music, spirituality, inspiration, philosophy, sports, reading and photography.

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