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Beyond clothes and the bible

We all have the prerogative to wear what we like and we are not to be blamed for whether or how others are provoked by our dressing. As the saying goes, “to the pure, all things are pure.” If a man judges a woman by the way she wears clothes, he is only projecting his own bias and prejudices onto her, and ultimately he is judging himself. It is therefore not her problem but his to resolve. Society and religion have been trying to dictate people’s lives, and the idea of wearing clothes to conform to certain norms and expectations is just one way of controlling people.

Clothes, of course, has its basic functions such as protecting us from the elements of weather when it is cold, for example, but clothes, to me, are never to be equated with so-called morality or decency, which is a subjective manmade mental or ideological construct. Animals don’t wear clothes, neither do plants, yet both are often more evolved than some humans who are small-minded and judgmental. It all boils down to love and compassion, and this intrinsic value of our being has nothing to do with whether we wear clothes and how we wear clothes. We all came into this world naked and innocent, pure and blameless and unashamed, and I think that itself is a powerful statement of who we really are.

As for the bible, I can see how it has been used by religious establishments to create divisions, control and enslave people and condemn those who are different or think differently because it has been mainly written by people who projected their own ego (or shadow self) onto their god. When taken as a literal book, I have no respect for it. To me, it only has value when it is seen as an allegory that reveals some universal truths such as our true identity, divine oneness, unconditional love and hope, which are not confined to any particular book or religion or belief system.

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