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Thoughts on “Evolve your brain”

“A break in our routine – whether a two-week trip or another alteration of our daily life – can sometimes prompt this type of perspective shift. Most people who go on vacation will vouch that by being out of their environment, they can get a greater sense of perspective. Mental rehearsal is another type of escape from the enslavement of environmental priming. Going within to rehearse provides us with the type of perspective alteration that is a necessary precursor of truly evolving our brain and behaviour. When we rehearse long enough, we will produce a deeper change that occurs at a deeper level of consciousness.”

(Pages 447-448, “Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind” by Joe Dispenza)

I have returned the book “Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind” by Dr Joe Dispenza earlier to the library after skimming through it. I roughly have an idea of the gist of his book, and the main idea of rehearsing and reinforcing positive and empowering thought patterns to override past mental conditioning (from society, family, religion, etc) and develop a deeper change in my deeper consciousness resonates with me. It is like embracing a new day as we accept our new self – beloved, innocent, magnificent, whole and creative – and revel in our new way of thinking, which is reminiscent of the title of the recent video message by Carlton Pearson.

The following excerpts from his book also resonate with me.

Eg adopting attitude of gratitude

“The brain doesn’t discriminate among thoughts on the neurological level.
Positive attitudes are as easy to construct as negative ones.

We take the negative states of mind that we’ve inherited from our parents and other ancestors, and we reproduce them. We then reinforce those states of mind, based on our own prior experiences.


Could it be, for example, that our brain is organised to perceive injustices directed against us? Might this have happened because we inherited from our parents, and then heard while growing up, constant reinforcement of the idea of persecution and incessant replay of life’s unfair events? If so, then we aren’t able to perceive the opposite situation. We lack the receptors for fairness, and no matter what we do, we won’t perceive a situation as anything but unfair. Clearly, how we perceive and respond to the environment is intrinsically linked to our habits of being and our state of mind on a most non declarative level.”
(Pages 450-451)

“It is not enough to put little time and effort into changing the mind. We must become that mind until it is natural and easy to express the new self. This is when doors open to novel and unexplainable possibilities.

In order to evolve our brain, we have to transform thoughts and memories from explicit to implicit, so that all systems are now influenced by mind. By being one with any concept, we know how to create that particular state of mind. And according to our understanding of implicit memories, perhaps enlightenment simply knowing that we know.

Even if we cannot accept this new paradigm, we must admit that by changing our mind and our state of being, we will make a host of different choices that we would never have made when living as the old self. When we demonstrate a new expression of self, we will think and act in new ways. By being a more evolved aspect of self, as one choice then leads to another, over time we will find ourselves in a new life with new circumstances. That is a new reality. That is human evolution in its truest sense. It’s that simple.”

(From Epilogue, “Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind” by Joe Dispenza)



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