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Thoughts on Presentation for The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM)

I have checked out the first twelve minutes of the The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) orientation presentation video so far. I think it presents a clear introduction to the problems of the current monetary system, such as how the cyclical consumption required to keep the corporations’ profits growing would result in planned obsolescence of products that are not of the best or most durable quality, which in turn will result in accumulation of consumer waste material being discarded and affecting the environment. Each individual person therefore can do his or her part for the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling materials where possible. That is a good reminder for me as well.

About Peter Joseph, director of the Zeitgeist documentary films

I find that Peter Joseph is a generalist who delves into various subjects and shares his research findings with others to help spread awareness about the oppressive and unjust systems, and I think he harnesses his talents and knowledge very well in making documentaries for this purpose. He also practises what he preaches, such as making the movies for non-profit distribution, as he doesn’t believe in accumulating wealth for himself or making a name for himself. I admire his character and integrity. Here’s sharing below an update on Peter Joseph’s upcoming film set due to be released around late next year, called “InterReflections”.

Occupy Earth shared a link.

Controversial Social Activist & Film Maker Peter Joseph, creator of the world renowned “Zeitgeist Film Series”, which has been translated into over 40 languages; screened in over 150 countries and seen in total by an estimated 300 Million people – has announced he is closing his prior socially conscious film series as a Trilogy – only to launch a brand new film set titled: “InterReflections”.

The first of the new series, “InterReflections I” is due for release in late 2013 with a new narrative based, live action style. In an interview with Peter Joseph, he stated: “The new film series is a fantasy style work that takes place in multiple time frames, using the idea of “hindsight” as a driving motif to inspire the audience to think differently about the world we have today… and the world we could have tomorrow.”Peter Joseph, a musician and performance artist who created his first film “Zeitgeist: The Movie” as merely a solo performance work that exploded inadvertently online in 2007, has evolved to researching and giving lectures on culture and ecological sustainability five years later. In 2009 he founded the now global “Zeitgeist Movement” which seeks to create a new social system based on scientific understandings rather than market based ones and today, apart from his ongoing media creations in support of such social issues, he works with a global community of engineers, artists, activists and scientists in this pursuit for a new, more humane social arrangement for all the world’s people.

As a filmmaker Joseph has tuned his back on the Hollywood, profit-isolated distribution format and works to make all his expressions available for free on the Internet, coupled with free DVD/Blu-Ray torrent downloads.

“Everything I create is freely available not only for viewing and downloading so people can create their own DVDs without purchase, I also allow open distribution for non-profit means outright. I have a deep dislike for the income system and even though survival in the world today requires income, I choose to give the audience the option of support if they care to.” says Joseph.

While The Zeitgeist Film Series was a documentary set that explored a vast range of cultural issues via traditional style interviews with experts, “InterReflections I” leaves the documentary style behind and instead explores an experimental style that encompasses fantasy and abstraction.

“The new film set is, indeed, born out of my prior series in that the nature of the subject matter is similar by extension. However, as a filmmaker, I have changed my view regarding what really inspires people and I feel the ‘abstract arts’, if you will, rather than mere cold academia, hold a powerful place in changing people. We can tell people technical data all day long and some will absorb it… but the arts have a mysterious way of sneaking behind people’s values and planting seeds for new ideas. Apart from the feature films series and my online satire expression: “Culture in Decline”, I also curate an annual media festival in Los Angeles – The
Zeitgeist Media Festival which is based upon similar issues. I try to walk the line between art and intellect; academia and poetry.”

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I think those detractors who criticise Peter Joseph are jealous of him and/or refuse to let go of their comfort and attachment to the status quo that the monetary based economic system brings. Yet contrary to their criticisms, Joseph Peter is not out to make money for himself nor to become famous since he allows his documentaries to be distributed for free and is not trying to indoctrinate anyone but rather letting the films speak for themselves and getting people to think and research for themselves and questioning the systems of the establishments to find out the causes of the socio economic problems and find better alternatives to restore equality. He could have used his knowledge of the money system for his own advantage since he is said to have some background experience in equity trading, yet he chose not to be part of the system and decided to spread awareness to help people be free from being enslaved by the system.

I was checking out the Zeitgeist movie website to familiarise myself with the background of how the documentaries and The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) came about, and I think the Q&A page in this website does a good job in clarifying misconceptions about the documentaries and TZM. It rightly noted that those detractors who tried to “debunk” the documentaries “are the orthodox religious communities, the “patriot” (or nationalist) communities and the monetary/capitalist communities.” This is not surprising because the so-called orthodox religious communities, nationalist communities and monetary/capitalist communities are attached to their self-serving ideologies and systems, and do not want their boats to be rocked or their systems to be questioned by the masses.

I also think some critics, such as this blogger, have a personal agenda against Peter Joseph, because of some bad or unpleasant experiences with TZM forums. But from what I understand, how the forum moderators regulate the discussions have nothing to do with Peter Joseph, who is most of the time busy “giving lectures and helping to produce relevant media/materials to spread the interest for a new social system.” So their criticisms or accusations of Peter Joseph are unfounded and misdirected.



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