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Navigating the Coming Chaos: Carolyn Baker Vermont Tour 2011

I agree with the gist of Carolyn Baker’s message about the need to prepare for the coming collapse of the current world system and it helps to about making preparations now. There is nothing wrong with talking about so-called “negative” things because we are only facing reality by taking the necessary practical measures to adapt to a new, more conscious world that will be less dependent on modern day conveniences and pollutive oil-run technologies, and more focused on building communities and learning survival skills, such as growing foods, gardening, making things with our hands, and building communication networks (logistical skills). The idea of supporting one another and seeing one another as necessary for our collective survival and evolution resonates with me because I believe in collaborative living too, instead of competitive living that is propagated by the current system.

“Wake Up! Our World Is Dying, And We’re All In Denial”

I have also checked out Carolyn Baker’s website, and the following parts of this article “Wake Up! Our World is Dying and We’re All in Denial” by Mary Pipher resonate with me.

“We experience our own pain, but also the pain of the earth and of people and animals suffering all over the world. Environmentalist Joanna Macy calls this pain “planetary anguish.” We want to help, but we all feel that we have enough on our plates without taking on the melting polar ice caps or the dying oceans.”

I believe this is what some of us are experiencing even as we are increasing our awareness of our interconectedness with one another, and we experience not only our own pain but also the pain of the earth and of others suffering all over the world. I can understand that some of us feel that our hands are tied even though we want to help because of our current enslavement to the monetary system. I think only when we face the hard truths about the failing system can we begin a process of transformation, as described below.

“Once we face the hard truths about our environmental collapse, we can begin a process of transformation that I call the “alchemy of healing.” Despair is often a crucible for growth. As we expand ourselves to deal with our new normal, we can feel more vibrant and engaged with the world as it is.

We can be intentional when we’re shopping, planning a trip, or working in our communities. We can be citizens of the world, rather than consumers, and we can vote every time we hand over our debit card.”

Yes, I always believe we are citizens of the world, rather than patriots of individual nations because in reality there are no boundaries (which is illusory and man-made). By making changes in our individual lifestyles and our personal outlooks, we can make very real changes in us and around us. Though the changes may seem small and insignificant, we have the power to make a difference through the ripple effect. I think this practical and spiritual preparation goes beyond the superficiality of mere positive thinking as it makes way for empowerment of every human being, because everyone can realise it is within their ability to make the world better in their own ways instead of depending on someone or some organisation to lead the way. I also agree with the concluding part of her article:

“We who are alive today share what Martin Luther King, Jr., called “the inescapable network of mutuality.” We aren’t without resources. We have our intelligence, humor, and compassion, our families and friends, and our ancestry of resilient hominid survivors. We can be restored.”

Yes, with our intelligence, humor and compassion, as well as the growing community of resilient and willing fellow survivors, we can be restored through living and growing in our network of mutuality.



I am a beloved child of Divine Love/Great Spirit, and so are you. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. My main interests in life include Nature, music, spirituality, inspiration, philosophy, sports, reading and photography.

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