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QB 2011-11n-09 – The Continuation of the Theme “Imagine A World Without the Concept of Money.”

Video commentary:

Sandra Kyrzakos further discusses the idea of a world where people can not only survive but thrive, and offers practical insight on how this can be created by everyone.

I agree with the interviewee that the problem with the current concept of money creates classism and egoism among people, leading to unnecessary divisions and inequality, in which the haves discriminate against the haves not. This is intolerable or unacceptable because everyone is born equal and deserves equal esteem and treatment. It is inconceivable that there are starving people given that there is more than enough food to feed every person on earth.

I think the proposed new approach to money as a currency to be given to every person as equal allowance is worth considering since it does away with any kind of status or hierarchy as it treats everyone as equal and no one owns anything or owes anything as there will be no debt or interest incurred. It will encourage people to continue working according to their talents without worrying about wages or performance appraisal, and purely for the sake for serving humanity in their own capacities. After all, people still need services such as libraries, transport, cleaning etc to go about their daily lives, and this alternative system of equal allowances can help support people to survive and thrive without the problems of inequality and scarcity. This proposed idea may be an ideal bridge to a future system that is totally independent of money, that is based on sharing resources and meeting needs of every person. I hope modern societies will seriously consider implementing such equitable and sustainable systems.

In addition, I find this topic crucial because we are all in this together – what affects one person affects others as well. I am coming to realise more and more that money (or the traditional concept of it) degrades the value and dignity of human beings, and anyone can be a victim of being discriminated by others who are swayed by the greed for wealth or by the illusion of social status. It takes a collective effort by the community to readdress the issue of inequality and discrimination caused by the current concept of money.

Once the current monetary system eventually dies out on its own, and everyone seeks to have equal share of resources that meets everyone’s needs, those who refuse to accept the change will find the transition painful because they will lose their so-called status. The new equitable and sustainable system of sharing resources and having equal allowances will also result in those who truly want to work to benefit and serve others will step up and be trained in their chosen profession, such as doctors, as pointed out by the interviewee in the video. And if the current doctors choose to leave their profession just because they are not happy that they are no longer earning higher income than others, it only shows that their underlying motive has been to accumulate wealth and acquire status rather than putting people’s health and well-being first.



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