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Zeitgeist: Moving Forward Press Conference – New York Premiere

From what I gather from the video interview, the outcome of the transition to a new system depends mainly on the people at the grassroots level as it won’t serve much the interests of most politicians and the profit-oriented corporations to initiate the transition from the monetary system.

It is interesting that they mentioned Singapore as one of the countries in Asia where the Zeitgeist movement have a presence, perhaps because the majority of people are exposed to the Internet and a number of people would have known about the movement. In general, I understand from the interview that some major cities may transition to a new system (that is more collaborative in nature and less competitive) faster than others, depending on how soon a critical mass is reached to start or facilitate the movement, and how prepared they are physically and mentally to form communities to share resources and support one another. There might be some resistance or chaos from those who want to hold on to the status quo, as Jacque Fresco pointed out, hence the more people are aware of this movement, the better it will be as more people will understand the crucial need for a transition that begins with the cultural mindset and the less painful will be the experience and they need not wait until they suffer major crises to realise the importance of having a more sustainable and equitable community where everyone can share the resources.





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