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The Venus Project: Designing the Future

Video commentary:

The Venus Project Simplified: We simply want a world that isn’t restricted by politics, money and elitism and doesn’t destroy the earth for profit, we want to ensure through our existing technological capability that every human being is fed, clothed, housed and has access to clean renewable energy and a relevant education without having to “Earn It”.

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Like what the video shared, it will be expensive in the long run to keep repairing outmoded cities, and therefore new cost-efficient and self-sufficient cities need to be built from ground up. I think modern societies can consider implementing such cities, or at least plan for a transition for old cities to evolve to newer cities that use clean, non-fuel-based and renewable energy resources and technologies.

I like the idea of having indoor and outdoor agriculture – I was thinking to myself recently that people can be allowed and encouraged to cultivate fruit and vegetables in public areas so that everyone can share in harvesting the crops. Currently, in my country, it seems that it is illegal (or forbidden) to plant crops in public – what a waste of space. It is mainly the fault of the profit-oriented monetary system that discourages such practices of public sharing of common goods. If we were to do away with the monetary system (or the current self-serving concept of it), we all can make better use of the common space we have in order to create abundant food supply for everyone in the community. I also look forward to seeing the vision presented in the video come into fruition more and more, whereby science and technology is wisely and sensibly used for the betterment of humanity and the environment.



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