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Possibility of highly evolved and peace-loving extraterrestrial life

I was reading up on Carl Sagan in Wikipedia the other day, and I learnt that his best-selling novel “Contact” has been made into a film in 1997. I remember that according to the news, the film was well received back then for its depth and insight about the possibility of extra-terrestrial life that is more advanced than humanity. It was also a refreshing change from the usual Hollywood alien movies that portrayed aliens as harmful and hostile to humans.

Not alone in the universe?

Recently, in view of the discoveries about the expanding universe so far and the revelation about our oneness with the universe, I am inclined to think that there is indeed a high likelihood of life existing beyond earth. Especially after watching the video “We are all connected“, I am reminded that we are not alone in this grand universe.

I’m this guy standing on a planet
Really I’m just a speck
Compared with a star, the planet is just another speck
To think about all of this
To think about the vast emptiness of space
There’s billions and billions of stars
Billions and billions of specks

This article suggests six reasons to ponder the possibility that we are not alone in the universe:

  • With so many stars, alien life is probable
  • Water worlds abound in our solar system
  • Life evolved ‘quickly’ on Earth
  • Life thrives in extreme environments
  • E.T. might be calling from afar
  • Some see evidence that ‘aliens’ have visited

Extraterrestrial life on the moon?

According to the video in the blog “What NASA Doesn’t Want You To Know, UFOs And Base On Dark Side Of The Moon – VIDEO – 19 December 2011“, there appear to be signs of habitation on the moon.

In the article below, Dr Edgar Mitchell said he was aware of several UFO visits during his career, but each one had been covered up.

The 77-year-old, who was a crew member of the Apollo 14 mission, said sources at the space agency had described aliens as resembling “little people who look strange to us”.

(From “Aliens exist, but NASA covers them up says astronaut“)

Extraterrestrial life more evolved and advanced than us?

I also agree with the view shared in the below article about most Hollywood-invented aliens.

“Hollywood-invented aliens are, quite frankly, an abysmal failure of imagination; they are simply a projection of how our little minds think that creatures from the stars would look like and behave toward us.

Given the 10-billion year age of our galaxy, intelligent life forms could easily be hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years more advanced than us.”

(From “Aliens are our own projections“)

My take is that these aliens are more evolved and intelligent than us earthlings, although we are catching up in our collective evolution. I believe that they are non-violent and harmless, and have been waiting for us all to have sufficiently evolved before contacting us directly. Otherwise, they might be mistaken as enemies by humans and get attacked. They are enlightened beings, and they mean well towards us. Hence, I can agree with the perspective of Carl Sagan about extra-terrestrial life being more intelligent than humanity and have been waiting to contact us, from his novel “Contact”.

Since we human beings are also evolving in our collective consciousness, we may gradually acknowledge the presence of these extraterrestrial beings and even be able to commune with them.

Crop circles as a sign of aliens trying to contact us?

I think one possible sign of aliens trying to contact us (indirectly) is the evidence of crop circles. Whoever made these giant crop circles overnight remain a mystery, such as the examples shown in this article.

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Crop circles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While some crop circles might have been man-made, there are other gigantic crop circles with intricate designs that seem to imply they are created by extraterrestrial beings of higher intelligence and supernatural ability.

According to astronomer Gerald Hawkins:

“many designs have a degree of complexity that humans would not be able to easily recreate on paper, let alone in a field at night. Some of the shapes of these formations are far too complex, and display a tremendously high level of precision which make it extremely difficult for a team of humans to create.”

(From “Alien Allies of Humanity“)

National Geographic also featured an article to explore crop circles about a decade ago. Since then, I think the mystery behind crop circles has been drawing attention to more and more people.

Meanwhile, here’s sharing Carl Sagan’s message in the video “Pale blue dot” about our unique home called Earth.

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