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Dealing with misunderstandings with people

With regard to this contemplative and perceptive blog “On Being Misunderstood and Big Opportunities” I think the author has articulated well how she felt and dealt with being misunderstood by some people. I agree with her realisation that it is not much, if at all, we can do to change other people’s perceptions, including negative perceptions, of us if they choose to see us through the filter of only one part of us. Besides, those who judge us are actually judging themselves because they have most probably have not come to terms with loving and accepting themselves fully, and they end up judging other people and criticising them unfairly and unnecessarily.

Like what the author realised, the best and probably the only and most important thing we can do when we are misunderstood by others is to focus on loving and accepting ourselves more fully because this is something we can control over. We cannot control how others may perceive us just like we cannot control the weather outside, but we can control the climate within ourselves. The interesting thing is that when our inner climate changes, the weather outside is likely to change as well in alignment with our inner consciousness because our thoughts, emotions and attitudes can influence the environment and the weather around us since everything is energy.

“Once I do that, my mission shifts from trying to convince anyone to like me, to this: loving myself for the totality of who I am. It’s not about that person and me anymore; it’s about me and me.”

– Stacey Robbins

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