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A prayer of beauty

“Dear God, before I die, I hope you will let me see the most beautiful sight, hear the most beautiful sounds, and feel the most beautiful feelings that life has to offer” ~ Brain Mclaren.

I think the prayer reveals that we are made for beauty, and deep in our heart we long to see the most beautiful sights, hear the most beautiful sounds and feel the most beautiful feelings that life has to offer. It is an intuitive expectation in each of us, and each person’s experience may differ since beauty is in the eye of the beholder (or the ear of the hearer, or the heart of the experiencer). In Brian McLaren’s case, I learnt that this prayer of his was prayed when he was an adolescent, and his prayer came to fruition, according to an account I found in this website.

“I had this feeling of being seen. Known. Named. Loved. By a Someone bigger than the sky that expanded above me. Young science geek that I was, I pictured myself lying on a little hill on a little continent on a little planet in a little solar system on the rim of a modest galaxy in a sea of billions of galaxies, and I felt that the great big Creator of the whole shebang was somehow noticing tiny me. It was as if the whole sky were an eye, and all space were a heart, and I was being targeted as the focal point for attention and love.”

And in reaction to that, McLaren began to laugh, gently at first, and then uncontrollably, welling up from within him, overflowing in pure incandescent joy. When he rejoined his friends, they had been having a spiritual experience of their own – sharing deeply their thoughts and feelings about life and love and the universe. Before long, the young McLaren realized that his prayer from earlier that day had been answered, that he’d seen the most beautiful sight (the wonder and immensity of the night sky, telling the glory of God), he’d heard the most beautiful sound (friends telling friends how they loved each other) and he’d felt the most beautiful feeling (the love of God and the love of others).”
(From “Encountering Jesus: Transformation“)

McLaren found beauty in the night sky and saw the glory of God, heard the sounds of his friends telling how they loved each other, and felt the love of God and the love of others. As for me, I would like to see that as life unfolds, I will have new eyes to see, new ears to hear and new heart to feel the beauty that is already in us, as us and around us. I am realising, for example, that we are the miracle, waiting to discover the beauty of ourselves and others and the universe.

“There are universes dancing inside your body.
There are sunsets shining in your heart.
There are symphonies playing in your toes.
Rivers of blood effortlessly flows.
There is a full moon beaming in your belly button.
There is a cool breeze blowing in your lungs.
There is a gentle rain that falls from your eyes.
There is an army of love in every step.
There is love making in your every motion.
A body of devotion.

The miracle is you.
The miracle is you.
So realize.
It’s all inside.
A galaxy of amazement.

Should you ever forget.
Just close your eyes.
Listen to the music.
Listen to the music.
Deep inside.”
(From “The Miracle is You” – Kute Blackson)

Yes, the miracle is you, and as a beautiful poem goes, “you are the music, you are the song, you are the melody. You are a workmanship created in Love.”


I am a beloved child of Divine Love/Great Spirit, and so are you. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. My main interests in life include Nature, music, spirituality, inspiration, philosophy, sports, reading and photography.

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