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Education of the heart: Kindness

When I went swimming last Saturday, I happened to be contemplating on the intrinsic value of human beings. I later decided to record my thoughts as follows.

The most important education is the education of the heart, as Dalai Lama had said. To me, it is about cultivating kindness towards ourselves and others.

Kindness means everything. We all can learn to love and accept ourselves for who we are.

Never follow the mindset of the society that gives value to performance, accomplishments, status, looks and other external factors. These are only temporary outward attachments that devalue our intrinsic essence.

We are worthy and precious not because of what we do or how much money we earn or how good looking we are. If we judge our worth based on these external things, what happens when we are no longer capable of doing the same thing or earning money or looking good to other people, if that happens? Does our own intrinsic value change? No, we remain just as worthy and valuable.

Does that mean we do not need to excel in what we do? No, that means we do what we are doing not to earn approval or to impress others but simply because we love and enjoy what we do, and we do all things out of love for the greater good of the universe. Whether it be helping a friend or doing exercises to keep ourselves fit so that we feel good and stay healthy and we can continue to be a blessing wherever we can, we do things with the intention of living loved and loving others.

This is just my personal philosophy based on my own reflection on life. It is also not meant to be religious in the sense of so-called “living for the glory of God”, since that notion of an external God stems from the illusion of separation. Rather, I see each of us as God/Love in action since God is Love and we are God/Goddess and we are also Love.

“My hope and wish is that one day, formal education will pay attention to what I call ‘education of the heart.’ Just as we take for granted the need to acquire proficiency in the basic academic subjects, I am hopeful that a time will come when we can take it for granted that children will learn, as part of the curriculum, the indispensability of inner values: love, compassion, justice, and forgiveness.”

– Dalai Lama



I am a beloved child of Divine Love/Great Spirit, and so are you. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. My main interests in life include Nature, music, spirituality, inspiration, philosophy, sports, reading and photography.

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