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Understanding the context of swearing

people who use a lot of swear words

(Source: Sarcastic Charm)

In view of the above interesting quote, I suppose swearing can be seen as a form of catharsis, which is perfectly normal. In some contexts, such as friends conversing with one another, using swear words to let off steam when relating about a frustrating event is okay as friends understand each other and do not take offense. In public, there is a chance of other people misunderstanding, so usually swear words are less often used. I read in this article that swear words have been used for centuries, and there is a place for such emotional release ,which is healthy actually.

“There may be another reason why we swear so much. Studies by psychologist Timothy Jay, of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, have found that swearing can provide both emotional release and relief from pain.

“People have a sense of catharsis, they feel better after using this kind of language,” Jay told Discovery News. “Most people look at swearing as a bad thing that you shouldn’t do, without asking what the positive aspects of it are.”

To condemn politicians for swearing in private contexts, as Biden did, is nothing but hypocritical, Jay said. In many social settings, like among teenagers or rugby players, he added, it would be strange not to use foul language.”

(From “Why Do People Swear?“)

The closest I came to using swear words in public is probably a blog I posted about a year ago, entitled “What the hell is the preacher talking about?” as I was angry about the fear tactics the preacher was using on the audience.



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