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Why Should Guys Accommodate The Fears Of Females? – Elizabeth Dahl Kingery

“Currently in social media we’re hearing a lot of female cries for understanding from the rest of the world for what it feels like to live in fear. This particular fear of which we speak pertains to being catcalled on the streets, routinely objectified, intimidated at work, harassed in public spaces, threatened for having a strong voice and raped, among other complaints.

If you’ve been watching the whole mess, you’ve also noticed a brute backlash from many men who are confused as to why they should have to pay any attention at all to these fears. An example might be say, allowing a female to ride alone on an elevator so she doesn’t have to worry about you, a big or powerful strange man that could be really nice or really not so nice. Who knows?

And yet this scenario still provides the challenge for us all to balance our own masculine and feminine energies within, which can then manifest in a more respectful, harmonious world without. How does this happen? I’d say it’s through simple awareness. Awakening to the reality of what’s really going on here can naturally result in more empathy, understanding, sensitivity and respect in our relationships. It doesn’t take a bunch of money or brute strength to accomplish this – only enlightenment. And maybe that’s what this existence is all about anyway.

So it is what it is. These unconscious social discriminations are the natural challenges of life that make our evolving existence the adventure that it is. We can’t blame the victims. And yet it isn’t even the men’s fault because it’s an invisible social structure created by mental programming that most of us are born and raised in. It is both everyone’s fault and nobody’s fault. It is the current world in which we live.”

– Elizabeth Dahl Kingery

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