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My views on Southeast Asian Games 2015

Below are my answers to an online survey in

Q: Why do you feel neutral/negative about the SEA Games 2015?

It seems to be part of the competitive system that tends to divide people rather than create true unity among humanity. Rivalry and competition fuel the capitalistic money-making business, and competitive sports tends to distract people from social and humanitarian issues. Sports has its place and can be beneficial in some ways, but the commercialisation and glorification that come with it can be detrimental to the process of loving and accepting ourselves and others for who we really are.

Q: Why are you neutral/unsupportive towards Team Singapore athletes’ efforts in SEA Games 2015?

Ultimately, we can be our own best versions of ourselves, and no one is intrinsically better or worse than others. We are more than our national identities – we are all one human race. I don’t consider myself a Singaporean at my deepest core, so I don’t support Singapore or any other nation, as nationality is an artificial, man-made, illusory human construct that doesn’t exist in reality.