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Living consciously and choosing relationships over performance

I am getting a clearer vision of how important it is to value relationships over performance. For sure, sterling performance – whether it be making music or doing work etc – may impress people or reap material rewards at the workplace, but these are temporary and may not be always guaranteed, nor are they really necessary.

Relationships, on the other hand, are rewarding both materially and immaterially, and the benefits are lasting. When I choose to build relationships with people, lives will be blessed and transformed.

To be sure, there is a place to perform well, to maintain high standards and to meet schedules. But these goals are not the end goal in and of themselves; ultimately we do things well because we want to cultivate good relationships with others and we want their lives to be blessed and touched.

Furthermore, performance can be arbitrary because there is no one “correct” way of doing things – everyone has a different style, whether it be blogging, public speaking, editing, interacting with others, and so on. In fact, most, if not all, of us appreciate originality and authenticity, hence we can choose to shine and express ourselves through creative ways of doing things and enjoy the process and not worry about how well received our performance will be.

Last but not least, our identity and self-worth can never be defined by our performance. If we have an off day and do not perform up to par, it doesn’t mean our value has diminished. In comparison, regardless of our ability to do things, we can always cultivate good relationships by being kind and friendly.