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Tennis inspirations

​I am inspired and moved to tears by how Venus Williams supports her younger sister to succeed.
The above story of the Williams sisters and how they succeed together to become world champions in tennis is the reason I have been following their news whenever I get a chance because the love and support they have for each other and the dreams they hold on to in spite of challenges are mind-blowing and inspirational. For too long, competitive sports have been marred by rivalry and jealousy, but it is thanks to such gracious and big-hearted sportswomen and sportsmen such as the Williams sister, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal that makes tennis so refreshing and compelling to watch and follow. In the Australian Open women’s tennis final, Venus Williams could have chosen to seek her own glory but I believe she chose to let her little sister win and fulfil her dream of getting a world record of 23 Grand Slam titles in open competition era, and that speaks volumes of her graciousness and love. Like she said, Serena’s win has always been her win. Similarly, to my beloved: your success is my success, and your joy is my joy. I truly want you to flourish and prosper in the areas you find fulfilment to do so.