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Searching for the financial elixir

Be it an elixir or windfall or golden goose, it is a miracle that I am seeking, in order to increase my cashflow so that I can clear debts, meet my family needs and build a sustainable future, which can enable me to stay afloat in the face of rising costs of living, economic crises, etc. Nothing fancy or overly ambitious, as I am not seeking to be wealthy and famous for its own sake. I basically want to make ends meet, and along the way, be a greater blessing to others as well.

In recent months, I have been attending one seminar after another in seek of solutions. I learn about new ways of looking at things, new opportunities to make extra income, and so on. I also learn about the importance of knowing myself, developing a resilient mindset and setting realistic goals.

Which seminars have I found most helpful so far?

First and foremost, I understand that every opportunity to make money has its strengths and challenges, and every seminar speaker has their strengths and limitations. One of the traits I look for in them is compassion and empathy. At first, I thought that those who had faced poverty or bankruptcy or huge debts in the past would be more emphatic and helpful. Indeed, during their workshop, they would share about the difficult times they went through, and how they felt grateful to their mentors for having helped them pull through and break through to become the success that they are today. But it seems that most of them do not really intend to reach out to the ones who are struggling financially, as they expect people to pay a fair bit of money in order to attend their intensive workshops.

Fair enough, I understand that renting workshop spaces, marketing their workshops and hiring event management personnel to handle the administrative aspects of their workshops do cost a fair bit of money as well. Still, I have my own reservations. I would want to look at how these speakers are living their lives on a daily basis. Are they actively seeking to help people achieving financial breakthroughs or mentor them to become more successful, or are they getting carried away by their own success and posting on social media about their next dream vacation or their hobnobbing with the who’s who in the celebrity circles?

In addition, after doing some soul searching, I am coming to realise that my passion has to be involved in the venture instead of merely following the strategies to make money because otherwise, I might as well continue to do a 9-to-5 job. For example, do I really like the idea of selling ebooks without having to write my own books? While it is possible to hire a ghost writer to do the job for me, the satisfaction of selling the book wouldn’t be the same as that of selling my own self-written book. The same question can be asked if I want to consider other ways of making money, whether it be property investment, internet marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, value investing, online business, and so on.

At this point, therefore, I have narrowed down my options to the areas in which I am passionate and knowledgeable about: namely, online tea business and education business (specifically, Genius IQ Smart Parenting Seminar).



I am a beloved child of Divine Love/Great Spirit, and so are you. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. My main interests in life include Nature, music, spirituality, inspiration, philosophy, sports, reading and photography.

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