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“The Roots Of Violence Are NOT Unknown” – Alice Miller

Video information http://www.alice-miller.com/flyers_en.php?page=7 Conception: Katharina Micada Speaker: Katharina Micada with friendly authorization from http://www.youtube.com/user/UnsereKindheit Download: http://ia600804.us.archive.org/22/items/AliceMiller-ChildAbuseChildMistreatment-AudioInEnglish/The_roots_of_violence_are_NOT_unknown.mp3 “The Roots of Violence are NOT Unknown The misled brain and the banned emotions The Facts: 1. The development of the human brain is use-dependent. The brain develops its structure in the first four years of life, depending on the… Continue reading “The Roots Of Violence Are NOT Unknown” – Alice Miller

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“Man Prayer” and “Break the chain” – Ending violence against women

“Man Prayer” – A postmodern definition of masculinity Video information Violence against women hurts everyone, including men. We invite our brothers to take up this cause, and be free from the limiting structures of our modern definition of masculinity! #MenRise http://onebillionrising.org Here’s sharing this video on “man prayer” I watched just now, which is meant… Continue reading “Man Prayer” and “Break the chain” – Ending violence against women

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Some thoughts on “The Hunger Games”

I have only watched some preview scenes of the movie “The Hunger Games” in Youtube, besides the official trailer. At first, I thought the movie sounded cool, as there was much talk about the great acting performances, which I came across when I was doing research for the movie review for my magazine project, hence… Continue reading Some thoughts on “The Hunger Games”