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Zizek – Lacan’s Fantasy Theory: Objects of Desire | “Life of David Gale”

“In order to continue to exist, desire must have its objects perpetually absent. It’s not the “it” that you want, it’s the fantasy of “it”. So, desire supports crazy fantasies.”

I have checked out the video in which Slavoj Zizek said we don’t really want what we think we want, and the lecture in the movie “The Life of David Gale” revealed that what we want is not so much the objects of our desire but the fantasy and the thrill of trying to get “it”, hence such fantasies continue to be unrealistic and the objects of desire to be perpetually absent.

I think many advertisers understand this psychology, and capitalise on this knowledge to try to get potential customers to buy their products and services by promoting and advertising such fantasies of a perfect house, a perfect holiday, a more fulfilled lifestyle, a prestigious job, and so on. Hence, Lacanian psychoanalysis helps people to be self-aware so that they can choose not to be enslaved by fantasies nor be fooled by the glitter of advertisements and even religious propaganda from some institutional churches.

It also helps people to reexamine whether their desires are based on needs or just fantasies. I myself sometimes would examine my own desires or fantasies, such as hoping to get an ideal music synthesiser which I can use to make the kind of music I want to make and yet is easy to use. Hence, from time to time, I find myself browsing musical instrument stores and the internet to look at new music synthesisers, even though I already have one at home which is good but has some limited functions in terms of song recording. I do find the Alchemy music synth app on my iPhone quite close to my ideal music-making tool though, which I am still exploring and learning how to play and record my own music.



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