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A Very Condensed Case for Revolution

I am coming to see more and more that money itself devalues, degrades, dehumanises and desensitises people to the intrinsic value and dignity of everything, including humans, animals and plants. Inequality, injustice, greed and fear arise because of money, or the dependence of money to rule or define people’s lives. For example, I learnt from this forum that in the name of profits, some cows are being killed carelessly and thoughtlessly for the meat industry without regard for their suffering, which is cruel and inhumane. Yet, cows deserve respect and kindness as much as any other sentient being. I think each of us may only realise this by returning to the heart, when we take time to reflect on our innate oneness and interconnectedness, which goes beyond the artificial confines of the monetary socioeconomic system.

According to this article “The Infomocracy Dilemma: Revolution or Disengagement?“:

“A very small yet conscious minority has come to the realization that the current world regime is one giant corporate infomocracy that needs to be terminated with “extreme prejudice”, disengagement being the weapon of choice.  The next revolution will not be carried out by mobs of angry people, guerrillas, terrorists or, god forbid, politicians.  It will be accomplished by a small (10%) militant minority that will simply unplug the matrix.”

(From “The Infomocracy Dilemma: Revolution or Disengagement?” by Robert Bonomo)

This part of the above-mentioned article resonates with me:

“Many look at the twentieth century as a time of great economic and technical advance, but history, while recognizing the the technical innovation, will condemn this century as the most vile in man’s history.  The miracle that began in Greece, expanded in Rome, flourished in the Renaissance & Enlightenment and finally found its  modern form in the western liberal democracy has been been gutted by a century of materialism, enslavement, slaughter and greed.”

(From “The Infomocracy Dilemma: Revolution or Disengagement?” by Robert Bonomo)

Yes, I was reflecting earlier today that we are living in an upside down world. Like what the article says, contrary to the popular belief that humankind is progressing with the advance of technology and economic development, we are actually regressing because it has resulted in “materialism, enslavement, slaughter and greed”.

The following points summarise my train of thought along this line:

  • The more material wealth a person accumulates, the poorer he becomes spiritually, if the wealth is meant to mask his inner poverty, or rather the amnesia of his own richness.
  • The more armoury and weapons a country amasses and displays (to try to look impressive or intimidating), the greater the inward insecurity they are reflecting to the rest of the world.
  • The further we move away from Nature, the less “evolved” we become.
  • We live in an upside down world. The more we depend on technology for our daily lives, the less we are able to be in touch with Nature, with one another, with our own soul.
  • People say we are evolving or progressing with the advancement of technology. I daresay we are devolving if we are distancing ourselves from Nature (because most of us city dwellers can hardly survive if we were to let go of all the gadgets and tools that we depend on daily and live in the natural surroundings).
  • Humans need to remember that they do not create or sustain Mother Earth. Mother Earth creates and sustains us.
  • Instead of seeking to dominate and control Earth, we need to respect and cooperate with Earth and our fellow inhabitants (including animals and plants).

I agree with the gist of the message of the above-mentioned article that the best way to counter or overcome the self-serving regime controlled by mega corporations in the long run is “enlightened disengagement”. While protests and occupy movements have their place in creating awareness, the longer term and more permanent solution is within reach of each of us individuals – by consciously and actively making decisions in our daily life to disengage ourselves from the consumerist culture and propaganda and the like as much as we can, and to participate in collaborative and environment-friendly activities, such as reusing, reducing and recycling materials, buying locally produced organic food, spending within our means,  seeking our own spiritual paths, and so on.

This part of the article on being free from religious control resonates with me:

“Mainstream and not so mainstream religion generally tries to sell people on a hodgepodge of fear and fantasy, with a big pay-off for the self righteous who drink most from the sacred well of Kool-Aid.  What must never be attempted is to actually have an authentic spiritual experience, for this would cause the subject to run from the dogma and quite possibly bring most of the remaining parishioners with him.  Real consciousness is as much an anathema to religion as critical thinking is to academia.”

(From “The Infomocracy Dilemma: Revolution or Disengagement?” by Robert Bonomo)

Yes, it appears that mainstream religions tend to discourage people from having an authentic spiritual experience in their own private lives. This is especially so in the case of institutional churches that try to tell people to go to “church” in order to “hear god” from their pulpits, thereby sowing doubts in people’s hearts that they can hear and experience God/Divine elsewhere.

I also agree especially with this part of the article:

“The enlightened conscious man needs no school to raise his children, no church to know his God, no banker to validate his work and no government to choose his enemies.  He is free to do as he pleases, when he pleases and how he pleases.  His liberty allows him to need almost nothing, which is how the great evil matrix becomes undone: in a great fire of awareness.”

(From “The Infomocracy Dilemma: Revolution or Disengagement?” by Robert Bonomo)

Indeed, freedom is our birthright, and each of us has the freedom and the inner wisdom or guidance to make decisions on how to raise our children, how to know or commune with God (or our highest self), how to validate our work, and so on. We do not need outside institutions such as schools or church organisations or banks or governments to rule over us or run our lives. When we live in conscious freedom, we empower ourselves and disempower the ruling authorities, so to speak.

I find that the results of this recent study encouraging:

“We don’t need to convince the whole village, we only need 10% of them. A recent study has confirmed that once an idea reaches the 10% threshold and that 10% is demonstrably fixed to the idea, the majority will quickly follow.”

(From “The Infomocracy Dilemma: Revolution or Disengagement?” by Robert Bonomo)

Yes, it is encouraging to know this because we need not be disappointed that we are still among the minority, because when the number of us reaches the 10% threshold, the majority will catch on the awareness and quickly follow. I have seen this happening in my own country last year during the general election – The Online Citizen as well as other entities that are not affiliated to the government helped spread the awareness about inequality issues, and the majority quickly followed and challenged the government system. As a result, the ruling party received one of the lowest percentages of voting in history, and only won the election by a small margin. After that, the government decided to take steps to address the issues raised by the people, such as agreeing to lower the high salaries of the ministers, including the salaries of the president and prime minister. Since then, the majority of people are more actively and closely monitoring and questioning the policies made by the government, in order to address inequality and other related issues pertaining to humanity and the environment.

That means, we are making headway in spreading awareness even though much of the world seems asleep for the time being and the future may look bleak for now. But slowly and surely, we are gaining ground, through sharing in our blogs, talking about it with other people, and so on.

I also agree with the conclusion of the article:

“The real revolution needs no leaders, banners, or platforms.  Each awakened man’s consciousness is his own guide.  Those looking for a place to sign up are simply looking for more enslavement.  The controllers are well aware of the danger to their pyramid and will surely toss out some interesting schemes to hold on to power.  The enemy of awareness is distraction, but the antidote is simple:  close out, turn off, unplug and ignore.”

(From “The Infomocracy Dilemma: Revolution or Disengagement?” by Robert Bonomo)

Yes, the real revolution needs no leaders, banners or platforms. The real revolution begins and continues with each of us – we are the empowered beings with the ability to co-create a better world. We have the power to disengage ourselves from propaganda, religion, politics, etc, and to immerse ourselves in things that bring healing and peace to ourselves as well as others.



I am a beloved child of Divine Love/Great Spirit, and so are you. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. My main interests in life include Nature, music, spirituality, inspiration, philosophy, sports, reading and photography.

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